For many years, Lodge has taken its responsibilities towards the environment extremely seriously. And now with a climate emergency across the globe, we are even more mindful of the need to operate ethically and sustainably.

This means we constantly seek to ensure our working practices are not detrimental to the planet or its people. It goes to the core of what we do – and that doesn’t just mean minimising our contribution to landfill. We are aware that the true cost of food varies according to how it is produced, how far it has travelled and how well it contributes to a healthy diet.

Our employees and staff are highly skilled, are paid fair wages and are treated with dignity and respect. We take time to make sure they are happy and well looked after. Many have been with us for well over a decade – showing we truly are a family.

All our food is prepared from base and we use and provide:

  • local, seasonal food wherever possible
  • a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes
  • Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade products as standard
  • organic food where costs allow
  • chicken and eggs that are class A and free range only
  • meat products from RSPCA accredited farms only
  • carbon neutral water from the UK only

We encourage our clients to think sustainably as well. If bottled water is requested, we will only supply it in glass bottles. If disposables are required, we will only supply containers, glasses, cups and cutlery that are 100% biodegradable or compostable and made from plant based materials or other renewable sources.

Sadly, whilst we always try our utmost to avoid it through good planning and working closely with clients, after some events there is surplus food. We donate this to charity wherever possible – so it can be redistributed to people who need it, and reduce waste.

Similarly we constantly strive to keep food waste from our kitchen to a minimum. Some is unavoidable and we have been at the forefront of recycling through anaerobic digestion. Since 2009, we have recycled 100% of our food waste to be converted into renewable energy – this supplies gas to the national grid and biofertiliser for crops. We also neutralise any grease from our kitchen by using enzymes.

In our view being an ethical company isn’t just about the staff, or the food, it’s a whole philosophy. We want everyone at Lodge to play their part in sound environmental stewardship. Our boilers and washing machines operate at low energy. We promote economy and the reuse of products and materials that come from sustainable sources, and we recycle as much as our local council will allow.

We realise we aren’t perfect, but we are committed to doing more.